Luna’s work draws upon metaphors, phenomena, and animism. She uses the color black to signify Oneness, humanity’s visceral instincts. Luna believes this color is the gateway to abstract form and stimulate emotional interpretation. Her choices in mediums is driven from what the material personifies, and how it adds meaning to her work through its intrinsic properties e.g. touch, temperature, weight, strength. Her works translate the lyricism of our senses through form and pattern, inviting a meditative focus for the viewer to assign their own meaning. Luna believes that the silence and solitude brought by immersion is a sacred space, and want to instill this in viewers when looking at her work. She believe that this state of mind is the bridge connecting our bodies to our spiritual selves, and a space that we all share individually. Her work often draws on "Jyaku", meaning nirvana in Japanese, and her sculptures are portals to invite meditative silence and euphoria.

Luna was born in Japan and raised Los Angeles where she now lives and works. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design’s Industrial Design program in 2015.

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